Aditi Natasha Kini is a writer, artist, and very sweet person living in Ridgewood, Queens, where she writes nonfiction and scripts, and tries to be better every day.

Aditi’s writing has appeared in LitHub, The Rumpus, Bitch Magazine and other publications. She herself has appeared on radio and television including WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show, BBC World Service, CBC, SiriusXM, and more to talk about topics including incels and South Asian representation in media.

Depending on her mood, Aditi is also working on a few major projects:

• THE KILLING OF A TIGER, a creative nonfiction book on, well, the killing of a tiger

• I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LIVE, an interdisciplinary series (written/installation/video) on wellbeing & happiness

• PROBLEMATIC, a very funny pilot about the internet rage cycle and depression, with comedian Pranav Behari;

• AFTER PARTY PRESS, a micropress/collective preparing for a Summer launch with Aly Vander Hayden and Greta Moran.

Please reach out with or for kind words, whenever.

Photo by Aisha Mirza