Essays & Features

Travel, Lifestyle and Food

“Rajma Masala, The Perfect Pandemic Dish.” On beans, pandemics and colonial histories for Eater

“The Casual Imperialism Of The American Tourist,” Bitch Magazine

“Blank Slate: Spiritual Emptiness Is Clearing Out Our Closets,” on minimalism for Bitch Magazine

“The Temple Aunties,” Edible Queens

History & Colonialism

On period pieces and colonial propaganda, Vice

“Tipu’s Magic Box Was Stolen. It Should Not Be For Sale,” New York Times

“The Death Of a Symbol: How Western Writers Exploit The Tiger,” Lithub

“The Waterscape of Mithila,” Bhakti and Power: Debating India’s Religion of the Heart, chapter in textbook published May 2019

“Ghost In My Mouth,” Bitch Magazine, GHOST Issue

“Mattel has no business turning Frida Kahlo into a Barbie,”on capitalism and Frida’s likeness for the  Washington Post

“How Might We Decolonize The Brooklyn Museum?” Pacific Standard

Film & Television

“Royal Representation: On the Strange Racial Politics of ‘Bridgerton,'” Bitch Magazine

“Eugenics As Entertainment: ‘Indian Matchmaking”s lighthearted view of caste oppression,” Bitch Magazine

“The Myth of The Male Genius” Bitch Magazine

“I’m Tired of Watching Brown Men Fall in Love With White Women Onscreen.” Jezebel

“’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ Tells A Story of Passport Privilege’,” Jezebel.

“Does ‘Call Me By Your Name’ expose the Oscars’ problem with sex?” Playboy

“The Fists Of White Men: Orientalism and Yellow Peril in ‘The Defenders’.” Bitch Media

Lady Bird‘s glaring white mediocrity” The Week

“The Problem with ‘Aladdin’.” Bitch Media

“Does Hollywood really care about abuse?” Oxygen


“Feminists were right: Ignoring online misogyny has deadly consequences” Washington Post

“Why Pay Secrecy is Inherently Anti-Feminist” Wear Your Voice

“How Reddit Is Used to Indoctrinate Young Men Into Becoming Misogynists” Vice Canada, Reposted on Vice US.

“#MeToo: There’s a List Circulating of Sexual Abusers on College Campuses,”AlterNet


“The Model Minority Is Not a Myth: It’s Ajit Pai” The Root

“Tools of Supremacy: The Model Minority” COLORBLOQ Magazine, “MODEL” Issue.

“Sad, Brown and Gay: Let’s Talk About Queer and Trans Mental Health in the South Asian Diaspora,” INTO. (Research supported by an ASJA grant)

“The Politics of South Asian Representation,” on ‘The Problem With Apu’ for ShondaLand

“Queer Muslim Artists Are Beyond A “Movement,” INTO

“Milk and Vine’s Viral Success Is White Mediocrity Capitalizing on Rupi Kaur’s Work” Teen Vogue

“A New Exhibit Explores the Art and Identity of Queer Muslims” Vice

Creative Writing

“The Killing Of A Tiger,” Denver Quarterly

“I Assimilate into Mere Bubbles,” The Rumpus

“The Stages Of My Life, In Usernames,” VICE Magazine “Privacy and Perception” Issue, Broadly.

“Why I Asked My White Coworkers to Call Me By My Middle Name” Girlboss

“Pet Culture,” Vol 1 Brooklyn (short story)

“charmed,” Fearsome Critters Vol 2