lumpenpockets (2022)

Artist Elena Grossman and I co-edited an anthology of pandemic-era writing and art; the outcome is called ‘lumpenpockets,’ and it is a non-quarterly sickrag. It launched itself at Pete’s Candy in Dec. 2022.

a multi-color self-portrait collage  of a blue-green-yellow face on a coat with striking red and purple colors, with a newspaper backdrop.
Collage by Elena Grossman

Bucking the productivity trend of magazine publications — and the idea of a publication calendar — lumpenpockets was two years in the making.

an essay where the author selects one text message sent for each of the first 50 days of the pandemic, ranging in comedic to sad
Excel essay by Aditi Kini

Words by Seema Reza, Theadora Walsh, Emily Bark Brown, Sparrow, Nick Bachan, Melissa Lê, Louise Barry, Shebani Rao, Sarah Madges, Adelaide, Alana Mohamed, Aditi Kini. Images by Elena Grossman, Amelia Walsh, Nick Bachan, Shebani Rao, Nancy Goulet, Marcia Haffmans, Ramon Luna, Lydia Wagner.