“Grace us with your presence”, a short play performed as part of Tonya Pinkin’s Truth and Reconciliation of Womyn series, April 14, 2019

“Problematic”: Co-written dark comedy pilot with Pranav Behari.

“Is Authenticity in Yoga Even Possible?”: An audio documentary in pre-production.


“Park Slope”: Co-directed absurdist video with Hanna Edizel, set to rapper OHYUNG’s ‘Park Slope’. Watch

“Inherited Trauma”: Curator/producer of a show first exhibited at Local Project + day-long series of performances, for the Long Island City Arts Open Festival, May 2017.

“Reflections on Tirhut”: Co-author of essay with Dr. William R. Pinch on the water history of Mithila. Forthcoming publication in The Power of Bhakti: Social Location and Public Affect in India’s Religion of the Heart (University of Washington Press). Research presented at “Exploring Bhakti: Is Bhakti a language of power or protest?” conference, South Asian Studies Council, Yale University, May 2016.

“hometown browns”: Co-host of free-form radio show for three seasons on WESU Middletown 88.1 FM—South Asian culture, humor and music. Spin-off podcast in development for Summer/Fall 2017.

Oral histories: Collaborator on a book/media project with Dr. Indira Karamcheti, building narratives of the South Asian immigrants who found a way to the US before the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act.

“The First Americans”: Researcher for Dr. Karamcheti’s project on 19th-century seamen who might have been from India, and the treatment of race and difference in the Seamen Protection Certificates.

Madhushala: Translated a large portion of the neo-romanticist Hindi book of 135 quatrains from 2011-2012.

Rubbing Eyes and Rings: Play performed at CultureHub NY for “Verbally Challenged: Digital Dialogues” where Manchester and NYC used telepresence to create a hybrid analog-digital performance.