These days


I spend most of my free time reading and watching excellent television. I also indulge in [amateurish?] photography and travel.

In addition to my work in online communications at Wesleyan, I’m also working towards an Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, specializing in Humanities. In the fall, I will complete my degree with a creative writing project as a Master’s thesis.

Besides the official stuff, I’m currently working on (or would like to work on):

  • A rather secret [novella] experiment on narrative & collaborative non-fiction
  • A finished concept for a podcast series
  • “All Grown Up,” a pilot which lives primarily in my thoughts
  • Some short stories
  • At least 14 different creative nonfiction pieces, some of them complete essays in sore need of an editor, some of them frantic outlines in my Field Notes notebook
  • Odds & Ends: Font-making, pyrography, the harmonica and Rosetta Stone/Duolingo Spanish
  • Storyboarding my brain [read: inspiration board for the non-Pinterester]
  • A very energy-intensive, and hitherto unnamed, literary magazine
  • Also: Maybe a life plan


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